One of my favorite expressions is you don’t know what you don’t know. With this third record, I’m learning some of the things I didn’t know about songwriting and the alchemy of turning songs into recordings. Spokes is a mix of some older songs, in this current songwriting cycle, like Water to Wine from about five years ago, and a few that we recorded just as they were being written, like I Saw My Lord and Savior and Praying for Relief.  I Saw My Lord and Savior is based on true events. You can find the links below to this amazing story.  I flipped the channel to find a TV news segment one night about the shooting of a San Diego police detective. Suddenly, as he shared his story, I could feel the room vibrating. Here we have a police detective testifying how he saw Jesus after being shot and how the Lord kept him safe. More astounding is that his just the facts testimony is not in a church filled with believers but in a court of law before a judge.  Wow! Folks, we have here a modern miracle- something worth writing about and immortalizing. I carried the story around for some weeks and then one day the song was ready and it spilled out.

The songs on this record are mostly about having a relationship with God and how that changes everything. Water to Wine offers a direct line from Galilee to today- Jesus is still turning water into wine everyday as He works in our lives.  Spokes on a Wheel echos Paul that we should express our faith in action rather than words. We explore bad choices, starting at the beginning of course in the Garden of Eden, walk with Jesus in Gethsemane (In the Garden) and face our own demons, the ones that tend to visit late at night (Praying for Relief). Early One Morning is a praise song about “all that is right” and the awareness that we don’t have to go searching too far to find what we’re looking for.

Right Here Where I Want to Be is a time capsule for my young daughter because I’m sure most of what I say to her today sounds like my mother did to me when I was her age: blah, blah, blah!  I’m hoping someday some of it makes some sense to her- all the wisdom I have to give her in just over seven minutes!  And for the rest of you dear listeners, I say Raise Your Head with ears to listen and if you’ve struck a rough day, just Roll it on the Lord!  - David Brauner, May 2014

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